These Cleaning Hacks Will Waste Your Time and Effort

While several cleaning hacks work wonders, there are also ones that are not worth trying out; below are a few examples.

Adding Salt to The Washing Machine

A lot of people put salt in their washer in the belief that it prevents clothes from dye-bleeding. This is wrong; the moment you buy your clothes from the store, there’s nothing you can do about dye-bleeding. Preventing fabric from dye-bleeding has to be done from the manufacturing process.

Sterilizing Sponges Through the Microwave

Although heat can indeed kill bacteria, it is not guaranteed that all bacteria can be eliminated by putting the sponge in the microwave. Moreover, the remaining bacteria can multiply and become even more potent.

Removing Ink With Hairspray

This hack only works if hairspray is formulated with 100% alcohol. However, hairspray products these days have changed and they contain more hair conditioning ingredients and lesser alcohol content. Thus, hairsprays are no longer as effective in removing ink stains from clothes.

Cleaning The Cooktop With a Car Cleaner

Oil spills, grease, and food spatter can be difficult to remove from cooktops. However, instead of using a cleaner, it is better to stick to using kitchen cleaning solutions for safety reasons.


If you don’t want to waste your time and effort in cleaning, better skip on these “hacks.”

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