Tips for Decorating Your Home The Belgian Way

Below are a few Belgian interior design tips you can incorporate in your own home.

Incorporate Loads of Neutral Colors

One of the main things Belgian interiors are known for is the neutral-colored interiors. Neutral hues are known to add warmth and serenity into any living space. However, Belgian interior design is not just about generic neutral colors. It leans towards airy and light neutrals just like the colors of unfinished wood or natural stones.

Linen Overload

Linen has been one of the biggest resources of Belgium, hence why the majority of Belgian homes have linen scattered everywhere.

One way to easily incorporate this style into your home is through your window treatments. Linen curtains deliver a lightweight but sophisticated look to any space.

Add in A Few Natural Elements

Stone, ceramics, natural wood, and other organic materials play a crucial function when it comes to Belgian interior design. However, instead of using polished products from local home depots, Belgians love to use organic materials in their native forms.

Invest in Oversized Furniture

Oversized furniture is a staple aesthetic in Belgian interiors but the key is to not overload your home with it. Belgian interior design values the comfort massive furniture has to offer.


Now that you know how to style your home the Belgian way, it’s about time you started revamping your home interiors.

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