Tips For Growing a Rain Garden

A rain garden is a great idea to spruce up your outdoor property. If you don’t know where to start with growing a rain garden, consider the tips below as your reference.

1. Choose the right shape and size of your rain garden.

Your rain garden should be at least 150 square feet in size so that you can add a good variety of plants in it. Moreover, it is also ideal to choose a rounded or oval shape for your rain garden.

2. Choose the right plants.

When making a rain garden, it is important to keep in mind that the garden’s soil is subject to water most of the time. Thus, it is recommended to choose a variety of plants that flourish in wet conditions.

3. Consider adding a shrub or a small tree.

Although shade trees are not typically grown on rain gardens, a shrub or a small tree can be a good centerpiece to the landscape. A redbud or a pawpaw tree is ideal to incorporate in a rain garden due to its pleasing shape.


A rain garden may need more care in its first year as the plants’ root systems are still in their early development stages.

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