Totally Inspiring Decorative Garden Faucet Ideas 18
Totally Inspiring Decorative Garden Faucet Ideas 18

46 Totally Inspiring Decorative Garden Faucet Ideas

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You have worked so hard tending to your garden for it to look perfect. There are no dead leaves on the branches, the flowers are blooming and the only thing that disturbs the ideal picture is the hose that snakes through the yard from its hookup to the faucet.

There are arrays of solutions to that problem. Storage is a versatile thing. You can have an attachments mounted on the wall by the faucet to coil the hose and keep it in one place. You can have the same thing with a handle that will rotate a center and collect the hose into its storage place.

Storage comes in a movable unit as well. You can decide where you want to put it, with a short hose connecting it to the water supply. It collects the hose in, and can be moved aside when not in use.

It also comes in the shape of a box made of plastic or wood that can blend well with the garden’s decor.

Another system of garden hose storage is the clay pot. It is made to look as the other pots in the yard but doesn’t contain soil but the coils of the hose. It requires a few pulls and tugs to get the hose completely into it’s storage place, and you might need to bend down a few times in order to fit it all in. Once the hose is inside, it is hardly seen.

Your garden or tool shed is another option for a garden hose storage. Some garden tool racks come equipped with a hook to place the garden hose on. Out of the way and at a person’s height so no bending will be needed.

All the gardening centers and hardware stores have some form of garden hose storage system. Pottery places that specialize in gardening have the pots used as hose storage.