Beautiful Classic Chair Designs Ideas 39
Beautiful Classic Chair Designs Ideas 39

48 Beautiful Classic Chair Designs Ideas

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Adirondack Chairs have been around since Thomas Lee invented them back in the early 1900’s. They’ve come a long way since he designed a chair just for his particular need. But they all still have one basic fundamental in common – a slanted back rest.

The original chair that Thomas Lee designed was for use in the Adirondack mountains area and as such the rear legs were much shorter than the front, allowing the user to sit upright on the sloping mountainous terrain.

But today, we have discovered that these classic chairs are a worthy addition to any outdoor space and many adaptations have been made to that initial design.

The classic Adirondack Chairs have a fan back made of several slats with the sloping seat & back rest that you can just slide into. The wide arm rests easily accommodate a drink or a book, eliminating the need for a table when relaxing in these most desirable chairs.

New designs include variations in the shape of the back rest and the addition of a rocking base. Long legs or short, high back or low, wide seat or narrow, folding, flat-packed or ready assembled, cedar, teak or recycled polywood – the list goes on! And don’t forget the classic Westport Chair that evolved when Thomas Lee allowed his friend, Harry Bunnell, to take over the production of his design.

So, it’s all down to personal style. And with all these choices you can have a very unique look for your outdoor patio depending how you want to use your Adirondack Chairs. Stand out from the crowd and choose a wave back chair in a bright color and don’t forget the ottoman too. After all, if you’re going to relax then you may as well go the whole way & put your feet up!

Whilst not exactly designed for use as a dining chair the Adirondack Chairs have been adapted with a slightly more upright back rest so you can have a complete outdoor dining set too. Or choose a bistro set with high captain’s chairs in the Adirondack design.