Creative DIY Transitional Dining Room Designs Ideas 28
Creative DIY Transitional Dining Room Designs Ideas 28

48 Creative DIY Transitional Dining Room Designs Ideas

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Do it yourself projects are becoming much more attractive as home-owners try to get the best value for their money from the remodelling and additions they are making to their homes.

Are you one of the many who is considering adding a sun-room or conservatory to your home? We contacted some experts and they have some money saving ideas that you may find very attractive, not only in the sense of architecture, but in value for your money.

The original purpose of the conservatory was to provide an elegant transition from formal dining area outside door to the main patio or courtyard.

There are three main materials used in the construction of different styles of sun-rooms: aluminium, traditional hardwood, and lightweight and sturdy PVC These beautiful additions can be used as a solarium for reading in bad weather, small dinner parties, a fantastic location for indoor plants and a play room for the kids when there is no school.

Aluminium Construction Materials:
For the do-it-yourself-er, aluminium makes the job easy because of the ease of assembly. This is almost like one of those “build it yourself” kid kits that let the child construct bridges and such.

Economically, aluminium is a good buy for outside construction additions because the material lasts forever! Well, actually the material does not rust and can stand up to most types of weather. Aluminium comes in many finishes and colours which help blend with the outdoor design of your home.

Hardwood is the traditional construction material chosen to build a sun-room because it weathers very well and is so beautiful just sealed with weather seal or painted to match the decorative trim of the house.

Simply map out on a grid paper the design ideas you have and buy the materials that will fit your dimensions. Brick flooring for this space is favoured as well for the durability as well as the aesthetics, from the wood flooring of the dining area to the brick sun-room to the patio’s brick floor.

Some architects have even combined a brick half wall with the hardwood’s to form the outer walls of the conservatory.

This particular construction material is the particular delight of those who are really interested in the DIY Conservatories. This lightweight material can be formed into any shape you can imagine, is a great weather insulator and to top it all off, this material is cheaper than any of the other types of construction materials you can purchase.

This type of construction has grown in popularity, not only for room additions but for many other home remodelling projects as well. This material is really versatile and can be the easiest material for the average home-owner who is not a skilled carpenter to use.

Custom ordered from the manufacturer, PVC can be moulded to look just like wood, rock or stucco. This stuff is great because your design is only limited by your imagination.