Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Decor Ideas 17
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Decor Ideas 17

46 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Decor Ideas

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A lot of new homeowners, renovators, and enthusiasts have trended towards the look and feel of country style kitchens with a contemporary twist. I fondly remember the times I visited my aunt in her rustic home, and as a young child was curious about her granite sink with the deep basin. It was so practical it seemed to swallow the big utensils and added a refined appearance to the backyard kitchen. Only when I grew up did I realize that those features such as its high back and low front that jutted past the front of the cabinetry that surrounded it were reminiscent of farmhouse kitchen sinks. This unique country style elegance is still available today.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are sometimes referred to as apron-front sinks. A wide range of materials and composites are used to make sinks. Some are carved from single blocks of natural stone like granite, limestone and soapstone, and others are made from composite materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, vitreous china, travertine, marble, onyx, bronze, acrylic, copper and fireclay.

In fact, one of the oldest materials used to make sinks today and dates back to its origins in the late nineteenth century is fireclay.

Many homeowners like the challenge of looking for restored farmhouse sinks made in the early twentieth century. Because of their unique installation however, restored farmhouse sinks would be expensive to have retrofitted to be compatible with modern plumbing.

If you are after a more contemporary style of farmhouse kitchen sink, consider the elegance of the Nantucket sink collection, which comes in a double-bowl or single-bowl, round, rectangular and square shapes, and with a beautiful copper finish. Blanco kitchen sinks are also very popular. Make sure to drop-in on a reputable supplier and ask for a discount on kitchen accessories if you decide on a professional installation. Prices could range anywhere from $800 to $3500.

Whichever of these choices you make, and there are many, farmhouse kitchen sinks will add style to any decor, make kitchens and bathrooms look sophisticated, create a country-style sense of harmony, and retain their quality and elegance for years. And with basins as deep as 17 inches to 33 inches wide, anyone working to prepare produce or clean large pots would be more comfortable. Compatible with most varieties of kitchen counter tops, farmhouse kitchen sinks really are a modern retro step.