Simply Small Backyard Ideas With Swimming Pool Design 32
Simply Small Backyard Ideas With Swimming Pool Design 32

50 Simply Small Backyard Ideas With Swimming Pool Design

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While some of us just couldn’t help spending our daytime and night hours in our lavish swimming pool well-constructed in a spacious backyard, many, many home owners suppress their dream of a beautiful backyard swimming pool because of inadequate outdoor space.

What if we say, constructing a sophisticated custom pool doesn’t have to do with space? You can still have your personal fascinating oasis even if you have a patio that is certainly known for its spaciousness.

It may sound like a challenging job to fit a petite aquatic feature when you’re specifically low on outdoor space, but it’s not. Read on to know how you can pull off a small-scale pool construction project!

Because you can always customize

What? Thinking about what shape should you go for? Well, depending on the shape and size of your backyard, you can personalise your pool. Our advice? Go for a simple yet elegant design and shape and it would sure go well with the given yard.

Say yes to free-forms!

Size is indeed relative but it’s the shape that actually makes a stand out aesthetically. Given that the viewers focus more on shape and significantly less on size, you can pick your choice of design. Pools with free-form shapes and designs like curved, kidney-shape and those with smooth edges and curves save a lot of space with their form, which can be used as a dining area and for other things.

Consider maintenance work

Though the small size and little water space would automatically reduce the maintenance work, consider the pool style that is easy to maintain. That said, concrete pool maintenance involve a lot of hard work and require every day care and attention. Vinyl liners, on the other hand, are relatively easier to maintain but are easily damaged too. Fibreglass pools, so far, are the most durable constructions though expensive and thus require the least amount of maintenance and care.

The Takeaway

Don’t just give up the idea of your much-fancied swimming pool because of your small backyard. Even the smallest pools can entice onlookers and swimmers around with their aesthetic beauty and freeform shape.