Brilliant Bar Designs For Outdoor Space 43
Brilliant Bar Designs For Outdoor Space 43

47 Brilliant Bar Designs For Outdoor Space

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Close your eyes and picture in your mind a summer breeze gently touching your face. Hear the sweet melody of birds singing in a nearby tree. Savor the fragrance of flowers in the air. Everyone longs for a haven of peace and rest, away from the fast pace of life. Somewhere they can open a good book, sit and relax from the cares of the day.

Whether one lives in a duplex, apartment, or a small home with only a little corner outside, this small space can be transformed into just such a place of rest and peace. Think of this area as an extension of the home.

When creating what I like to call a “Serenity Space,” there are a myriad of options available when it comes to the choice of seating you desire, for your new special get away spot. Here in your private retreat, wrought iron stools would be a perfect choice. They are strong and sturdy, and hold up wonderfully in the weather. They are less likely to be damaged, and you will not have to retrieve them from your neighbors yard, after an especially gusty day. Rest assured they will remain where you put them.

Look around your space, and see what you have available. If for instance you have the benefit of a large tree for glorious and welcome shade on a hot day, then utilize it by including it in your outdoor “Serenity Space.” If you have a fence, these are great and can be adorned with pots of beautiful hanging flowers, to please the eye and calm the senses. Not to mention make the site feel cooler. There is also a way to carry the foliage design into the bar stools you use here. Just choose a set of stools with a leaf or vine pattern for example.

If you have a cement pad, soften it with a great outdoor rug. Even if all you have is a small grassy area under a tree, you can create a cozy nook where you can put aside cares for awhile. Remember if privacy is an issue, there are on the market a variety of privacy screens, or canopies. Whether you have plans for a family barbecue, or you are a busy couple needing a place away from the daily grind to renew yourselves, plan a little oasis where all cares can melt away if only for a time.

You may want to infuse a particular theme into your new “Serenity Space,” the possibilities are quite extensive with the vast array of bar stool styles available today. If you love a down home western feel, choose one of the wrought iron stool designs that have a western theme cutout of a cowboy riding a horse. Accent the area with an old wheelbarrow or half barrel planted with fragrant flowers. You could use a western boot planter to tie into this theme. You could hang a loop of wound up rope to the bar area for effect. These are just a few ideas. How about an old wagon wheel leaning against a nearby tree?

If you prefer a different feel, choose a simpler style of bar stools such as the sun or moon cutout, or a classic Italian style. Then put together elements that are simple as well, such as a small water feature, for the relaxing sound of falling water. Keep the elements soft and relaxing. Utilize supple cushy throw pillows either in muted softer colors, or fabrics with more vivid brighter hues, whichever pleases you more.

You can certainly enhance your wrought iron bar stools with throw pillows. Choose a color which matches well with the upholstery you have chosen for your stools, or a fabric that compliments them. There are fabrics now available specifically for outdoor use, for protection from the elements.