Amazing French Country Dining Room Table Decor Ideas 48
Amazing French Country Dining Room Table Decor Ideas 48

50 Amazing French Country Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

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In the center of the French Country kitchen stands the sturdy farm table, a symbol of the resilience and steadiness of the life of French Country peasant farmers over the centuries. The French Country dining table can be synonymous with the the kitchen table. Of course, the layout of your home will ultimately determine this, but historically they’ve been one and the same.

French Country dining tables are made of solid wood, the choice of which is the consumers. This is a piece you want to consider as an investment. It is where your children and, hopefully their children, will sit down to eat meals,and mark various events in the seasons and throughout the years. In addition, it is often where children will complete daily homework, where families will discuss important matters, and where family vacations will be both planned and remembered. As Albert Einstein once asked, A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

The selections available today are truly unlimited. Thanks to the custom nature of furniture design now available to consumers, any table you can imagine can be created. There are a few principles to keep in mind when choosing a table that will fit with the French Country theme.

Top: The top of the table must be able to handle daily use and abuse. This includes the ability to be stain resistant or have stains removed easily, the toughness to stand up to nicks and cuts, and yet retain the warmth so that the room remains inviting. This is another reason why French country is such a a great style for families. It truly invites living. Rather than worry about a scratch or dent in the table, the French Country look actually benefits from a time worn appearance. This is not to say that the table will look shoddy. No, the bulk and density of the woods used in a piece like this prevent real damage from being done.

Cherry and antique pine are two of the most sought after finishes. Many want their tables to appear older and opt for a distressed look to accomplish this goal. Tables can be finished with a whitewashed look as well. Liming, which is a centuries old process originally designed to prevent termites and other insects from attacking furniture, is often an option for the base of the table, whether pedestal or legs, but is not recommended for the table top due its frequent contact with liquids.

Base: A round French Country table is often accompanied by a large center pedestal base. The advantage of this is that no one person will need to be seated near a table leg. The round table is usually smaller, with a maximum seating for eight. More traditionally the rectangular base will be sturdy legs, whether straight and spindled or cabriole, and may have the option of self-storing leaves. Seating can be expanded through the use of leaves.

Seating: One can’t forget the seating when discussing French Country tables. Seating, too, offers many options. If a more casual look is desired, an eclectic collection of farmhouse chairs, perhaps with some handmade seat cushions in various farmhouse designs is a great look. If you desire a matching set of chairs, be sure to look for a traditional pattern such as ladder backs or schoolhouse chairs. You can even find chairs with a farmhouse motif such as roosters. Caned seats are a great choice as well.