Modern Christmas Home Tour Decor Ideas 50
Modern Christmas Home Tour Decor Ideas 50

50 Modern Christmas Home Tour Decor Ideas

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Opening your home to the Christmas Tour may not be in the works, but your home will be a showpiece for the Holidays if you’re having a party, inviting family in, bringing home the Christmas Carolers or just living there with family and friends stopping by occasionally. You’ll want to show them your Christmas spirit without creating mass havoc and a housekeeping disaster.

Set up a few guidelines to help decorate your home easier.

1. Select a dominant color theme.

Because your home is already decorated in some basic colors, select a color that enhances and accents your homes primary color scheme to decorate for Christmas. Whether this color is warm or cool, makes a big difference. If your home has predominantly cool color decorations, then you’ll want to stick with this theme for the Holiday accents as well.

2. Choose a style theme that enhances your home decor.

If your home is decorated in ultra modern, a boot stomping, steer roping country Christmas theme won’t work. Stick with your home’s comfort style and find decorations for your celebration that accentuate the positive. For instance a clean lined modern might be well enhanced with beaded and ribboned trees that feature lots of glitter and shine but only a couple of colors.

3. Design in details with structure and stability.

Heavy swags may be appealing when you first put them up, but if you’re forever having to rehang them, by Christmas, you’re ready to toss them away. Lighten up and hang items that are sized appropriately for your home. A fireplace mantle doesn’t have to be heavy laden.

It can be simply adorned by stockings and a candle or two. The tree can be lightly decorated, swathed in a satin cloth instead of an ornate tree skirt, and topped by a ribbon instead of a gossamer angel. Lights at the windows may be a simple candle stick rather than elaborate swags of lights.

Some of the most adorably decorated homes show the simplest decor. My favorite family home from childhood sported a wreath on the door, a Christmas tree in the family room and a child’s red wagon in the living room filled with gifts. There may have been candles on the table or other subtle reminders of the holiday throughout the rooms, but those decorations stand out in my memory.