Fascinating Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 37
Fascinating Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 37

48 Fascinating Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Decorating a Christmas tree is a family affair. Everyone can participate in the Christmas tree decoration. Your tree says a lot about you as a family – your choice of ornaments, tree topping, and tree skirt. Here are some Christmas tree decorating ideas.

First choose your tree. Many go for artificial trees because there are no dried pine needles to pierce the bottoms of tender feet or to have to vacuum up. Some artificial trees come pre-lit, so that eliminates the need to buy strands and strands of lights. Artificial trees are available in many different colors – white, blue, pink, as well as green – and are of varying heights and types.

For a real tree, some families get theirs a couple of weeks before Christmas. Tree farms and tree lots usually have a nice selection of Christmas trees with hearty branches. Be sure that you can’t see through the tree. If you can, then it will be too thin to hold heavy ornaments. Also make sure to water real trees frequently once you’ve brought them home and placed them in their stand. This will prevent drying out of needles and possible fire hazards or a brown tree on Christmas morning.

Here are some decorating suggestions no matter which type of tree you choose for your family this year.

Start with the lights. It’s going to be hard to put strings of lights on the tree after you’ve put all of the other goodies on there. For kids, it’s fun to put a strand or two of running lights so that they blink instead of staying on all the time. Depending on the size of your tree you may only need a couple strands of lights.

Add a touch of garland. There are many different kinds. Most people shy away from traditional icicles because they are a fire hazard especially on a live tree. The garland that has icicle-like strands are just the same. Some opt for homemade popcorn garland (fun for kids!), colored beaded garland, or snowflake garland made of plastic. Wrap the garland loosely so that it doesn’t strangle the tree. Let some of the length hang between the branches so it can be seen.

Now for the fun – the ornaments. Some families use a color scheme of two or three colors for their ornaments. Others may purchase pre-packaged ornament sets with a certain theme. Kids can hang ornaments they created in school. You could end up with quite an eclectic looking creation. Space ornaments so they surround the tree and leave no bald spots.

The tree topper goes on last. There are angels, stars, and even bows. Some have a plug that fits into your string of lights. Just remove one light on the strand and plug in the tree topper. Others have their own plug that can be connected directly into the top strand of lights or the wall outlet. Some still don’t have a light at all.