Amazing Vintage Christmas Ornament Ideas 39
Amazing Vintage Christmas Ornament Ideas 39

50 Amazing Vintage Christmas Ornament Ideas

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Christmas is a time when people get together and enjoy quality time with each other. That is why homes are usually extravagantly decorated during the season. Through the years, homeowners have always sought to find and have the most appealing and colorful Christmas decorations. Vintage Christmas ornaments are particularly popular with some collectors due to their nostalgic value, and sometimes because they are sweetly kitschy.

There are many types of vintage Christmas ornaments that are can be found online or at your local antique store. You could probably easily find some at flea markets or even thrift stores, as well. For the best prices, the best time to buy vintage ornaments is during the off-season.

As soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, prices tend to start rising, especially for online auctions. But if you see something you like, it pays to bid now or look for a Buy It Now opportunity. Often, an ornament that is fetching high bid prices in traditional auctions can really skyrocket, but if you take a look at eBay Express you can frequently find a duplicate of the more popular sorts of Christmas ornaments for much less money.

The two most collectible time periods for ornaments tends to be the Victorian period and the mid-century modern stuff. Ornaments made between the 1940s and 1960s by the Shiny Brite company are particularly collectible.

You’ll find a variety of vintage Christmas collectibles so don’t limit yourself to the traditional glass balls. You can find Victorian Christmas decorations, beads, tinsel, and artificial Christmas trees and wreaths. One of the most collectible Christmas decorations is the artificial Christmas tree.

The Space Age era aluminum Christmas trees are particularly popular, but many collectors also enjoy the feather trees that were popular with the Victorians. There are also Christmas lanterns and candles from companies like Gurley.

If you want to make collecting vintage ornaments an annual tradition, one way to begin is to start with the Christmas tree. For the first year’s purchase you could start with an aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel. Then each successive year, buy some ornaments to decorate it, or consider a vintage tree topper.

Once the tree is fully outfitted with ornament, then it’s time to consider the rest of the house. Vintage bubble lights make an attractive adornment, or some stockings for the fireplace. The Victorians liked to dress their dinner table with ornate mantels that run the length of the table.