Minimalist Window Christmas Decorations Ideas 39
Minimalist Window Christmas Decorations Ideas 39

43 Minimalist Window Christmas Decorations Ideas

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A good way to decorate your kitchen windows is to liven them up with a theme for occasions like Christmas or Halloween.

At Christmas time a fun way to decorate your kitchen window and bring some Christmas cheer into your kitchen is to drape some coloured lights around it. You could either have them around the border of the window or taped in a design of your choice on the window itself.

You can buy special stick-on flashing light ornaments to place on your windows as well. Or a wreath hung from the curtain rail so it sits as a centrepiece in the middle of your window also looks appealing at Christmas time.

An economical window treatment decorating idea is to use that snow spray to create some Christmas shapes on the inside of your window – they really add some Christmas cheer or you could try hanging some snowflake ornaments from the curtain rod at various heights.

For Halloween you can stick some of those owl, black cat, pumpkin and ghost removable decals you can buy in your window. You can get the kids involved and do a project together making paper cut outs or felt cut-outs of Halloween objects and have those hanging by some twine from the curtain rod.

You can also hang some orange colored lights around your kitchen windows or put chunky orange candles along your window sill. Its best not to light these though, just use them for the decorative effect.