Classy Garden Window Decoration Ideas 50
Classy Garden Window Decoration Ideas 50

50 Classy Garden Window Decoration Ideas

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Decorating your home for the holidays can be so simple. Those of you with very busy schedules may want to consider an area in your home that you can transform in to a showcase vignette that can be easily changed out for each holiday. For this project we choose a kitchen garden window.

Step 1 – Position a suction cup hook to the inside of your garden window determining the height that your wreath will hang from. Next, begin by wrapping multi-colored red and white satin ribbon to the top of the resin berry wreath creating a pretty bow.

For this step, take the stained glass holly ornament and hang it on to the suction cup hook. The stained glass ornament becomes a sun catcher as well as a focal point. Once your bow is secured in place, position your wreath on the suction hook with the bow at the top

Step 2- Below on the window base, set a desert serving tray (we used a brown metal tray and added a small Christmas desert plate to the base of it).  This now becomes a display stand to showcase some of your favorite decorative kitchen items.

Next, fill one small outdoor ceramic pot with fresh red berries, then insert a rustic moose ornament and a small pine cone pick to add an outdoor woodsy feel. Next, position 3 small artificial pears next to the pot which will add a nice Christmas kitchen theme touch.

Step 3 – A Christmas sleigh was added to balance the look of the display and to house 2 small artificial potted herbs. A small Christmas country style wired ornament hangs from the sleigh reminding us of the holiday season.

In the center of the window base, another small outdoor ceramic pot with a red bow tied around the top rim of it was added.  As a final touch fill the ceramic pot with fresh red berries, an outdoor find.