Stunning Disney Bedroom Designs Ideas For Your Children 44
Stunning Disney Bedroom Designs Ideas For Your Children 44

46 Stunning Disney Bedroom Designs Ideas For Your Children

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Does your little girl take after Sleeping Beauty and Snow White? Does she dream of being Cinderella at the ball or Belle whose love transforms a brutish monster into a handsome prince? Does she wish to be under the sea like Ariel or soaring on a magic carpet ride like Jasmine?

If your little princess wants to really be a princess – she can be! All it takes is a little creative remodeling of her royal chambers, and your daughter can feel like the next in Disney’s illustrious princess line.

It All Starts with the Bed

The central focus of all princess’s quarters is where she lays her weary and pretty little head – her bed. A little princess’s bed may be either a canopy bed or a four poster bed, or both. And that’s just the start of what royal magic you can conjure up with the power of custom theme beds.

Maybe the best way to build your little princess’s perfect fantasy bed is as her very own castle, equipped with moat, drawbridge, turrets, and all. You can further flesh out your little girl’s own private Magic Kingdom by giving the walls the appearance of stone-work with long, sinuous vines climbing up the sides. Then, to complete the picture and really make it a bed that’s fit for a perfect little princess you can add billowy fabrics, soft pillows, silky bedding, and lacey borders.

A princess castle bed is just one possibility of a custom theme bed for creating a fantasy Disney bedroom. Another option is a custom theme bed in the shape and design of a horse-drawn carriage.

It’s a Colorful Life

For the ideal Disney princess color scheme, consider pink with accents of white. And gold or silvery borders add an evocative touch of wealth and fame. Not only will these colors highlight any custom princess theme bed, but they will also brighten up the entire bedroom. By simply painting princess-themed murals on her walls, you can easily and affordably evoke complete the Disney-esque fairy tale picture.

Making your Little Princess Look and Feel Like a Queen

Every little princess needs to look her best, and that requires a place to keep her collection of beautiful clothing neat and clean, and a place to do her hair and make even prettier her already-pretty face. So, in the way of furniture for a Disney princess themed bedroom, you cannot forget a spacious wardrobe and an ample dressing table with a nice sized mirror.

These two pieces are the bare necessities of furniture for making a custom Disney princess bedroom complete. But, if you have a wardrobe and dressing table and mirror built into the custom theme bed, you don’t have to go out and buy those pieces separately.