Lovely Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentines Day 46
Lovely Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentines Day 46

48 Lovely Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Valentines Day

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It takes a great deal of effort to prepare for a wedding. Of the many tasks that need to be done, one of the easiest is choosing the wedding favors. Everyone wants a delightful gift for the guests that is not only beautiful but functional as well. And for this reason, bath wedding favors are the perfect choice.

Ever gotten a gift of fine bath salts on Valentine’s Day, or a birthday, or other celebration? Lucky you. Relaxing, full of delightful aromas and oh so good for the skin. The perfect wedding favor. How yet more lucky that they come in so many delightful designs.

Snowcone-shaped bath salt containers are highly decorative, so they make the perfect favor for the wedding reception tables. Whatever color scheme you have planned for yours, you’ll find these fit right in.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these are just for the ladies, either. They may not admit it, but after a hard day’s work a lot of men are very happy to curl up in a hot bath. With a good book and some relaxing aromatic bath salts, they’ll be in dream land, too. Talk about aromatherapy!

February is a romantic month because of Valentine’s day, a much awaited holiday for couples. To extend this thought to February weddings, opt for heart-shaped bath salt containers, the very symbol of love.

Other than bath salts, there are many other items that you can choose for your bath wedding favors. Candles would always be popular even in the bathroom. With the new shapes, scents and colors, candles nowadays are far from boring. They cast a cozy glow while in the bath. Choose vanilla or any other aroma to create the spark for romance.

But candles have to sit in something, so how about selecting some of those elegant glass candle holders? Heart shaped designs, crystal blocks and more will be collectors items that are handed down from one generation to the next. Etch the bottom with the names of the bride and groom, and the wedding date. Or personalize them with a sticker that displays your favorite saying.

Don’t forget the young ones, either. Bath confetti makes for a fun and decorative wedding favor that will definitely get put to good use. Entertaining and lovely. That’s a good combination. Confetti, too, comes in dozens of designs and containers.

Tins of sun-shaped bath confetti just spells summer for the guests. These bath confetti are of iridescent color and will give a clean yet creative feel to your table setting. Scattering these on the table will give out a crisp, fresh scent in tune with the motif. Personalizing this particular bath wedding favor is as easy as labeling the tins with the bridal couple’s monogram or initials and wedding date.