Wonderful Apartment Home Decor Ideas 44
Wonderful Apartment Home Decor Ideas 44

47 Wonderful Apartment Home Decor Ideas

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Home is an extension of our tastes. A piece of land is converted into a haven of warmth and comfort by us solely by the things we put inside our home. Everything, right from the furniture to the area rugs used in our homes reflects the personality of the people dwelling in it. Decorating a house can be a lot of fun, but if one has to confine these decorations to a small space it becomes a very challenging exercise indeed.

Living in a small space is tough especially when this is accompanied by a hundred and one living rules formulated by your landlord. However, with the right home decor you can still convert your tiny apartment into a bright and cheery place to live in. Minimalist is the way to go for small home dwellers. Getting bogged down with a lot of clutter can make your apartment shrink further.

The right selection of colors for your furnishings and walls can go a long way in giving that extra spacious feeling. Soft and monochromatic which reflect light as opposed to absorbing them can make the tiniest of rooms look cheery and bright. Use such soft colors both for the wall paper and also for the furnishings. The ceiling should be kept lighter than the rest of the room.

A large wall hanging or even an ornate area rug can be hung on the wall; such large wall pieces give the room a spacious look. In fact rugs are a great way to maximize space. Keeping the furnishings to a minimum while making the room feel comfortable by throwing in some bright and cheery rugs can make all the difference in a small apartment. For those of us with children area rugs have the added benefit of restricting the number of grazed knees and elbows which is common amongst children romping in confined spaces.

Multi utility furnishings, like a sofa which can be modified to a bed in the night or a TV stand which can also be used for storage purposes are a real boon for the small spaced apartments. One can get a lot done with just a few pieces of furniture. Storage is always a problem in confined spaces, the best solution to remain clutter free is to throw everything that you do not need. However, for those items which are not really disposable, trunks provide a great storage solution. A trunk with a pretty, floral cloth on it can serve as a very attractive side table indeed.

Lighting can also pay a key role in small apartment decoration. Ceiling lights are an absolute no as they visually lower the ceiling. Soft and even lighting is the best for confined spaces; incandescent lights can also soften a room beautifully. It is important to place the lighting fixtures appropriately as shadows can visible shrink a room.