Inexpensive Bathroom Design Ideas With Lights 33
Inexpensive Bathroom Design Ideas With Lights 33

34 Inexpensive Bathroom Design Ideas With Lights

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When you are remodeling your bathroom, or designing a new bathroom, one of the items that you will have to install is a mirror. Every bathroom needs at least one of these items so people can brush their hair, put on make-up, and do personal hygiene routines. You should consider installing bathroom mirrors with lights surrounding them.

Bathroom mirrors with lights surrounding them give people who are using them to put on make-up better lighting to do this activity with. If you have women in your household, or you plan to have women in the household one day, then the mirrors should be surrounded by light bulbs.

A lot of people think that when they install these types of mirrors they will not be able to use black bathroom accessories because most of the lighted vanity mirrors have a wood look. You can now have black bathroom accessories with these types of lighting choices because you can now buy them in silver finishes, gold finishes, wood grain finishes, and a colored finish. The polished silver and black look especially nice together.

The next worry with these fixtures is they will heat the room up or they will cause the electric bill to be higher. This will not be the case if you spend a little more money when you purchase your item and get one that has a separate switch for powering the lights. You will not run the multiple lights unless someone is actually using the mirror and needs them. The lights are turned on and off with a switch on the side of the fixture. This will keep the cost of operating the fixture at a minimum, and will not increase the heat in the room.

While you are decorating remember that you should install items like a bathroom soap dispenser, towel bar, toothbrush holder, and toilet paper holder that complement the fixtures in the room. If you choose a silver lighting fixture then choosing a silver bathroom soap dispenser will make the two items match up. If you do choose a silver fixture then choosing a toothbrush holder and other accessories in a contrasting color will also work.

Another great item to include when you are decorating a bathroom is a heated towel rod. You can get a heated towel rod that holds more than one towel. These items also have switches to turn them on when you need them and turn them off to save energy. When you are about to take a shower you turn the towel rod on and allow it to heat your bath towel. After your shower you have a warm towel like you would get at a five star hotel.