Alluring Chandelier Decor Ideas For Living Room 21
Alluring Chandelier Decor Ideas For Living Room 21

37 Alluring Chandelier Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Every person wishes to decorate his or her home in an elegant manner. Chandeliers are one of the best pieces to art to decorate and beautify the rooms. They are attractive lights, which hang from the ceiling and were usually seen in houses of rich people, mansions and palaces. However, nowadays these lights are seen at home of many. They are available at an affordable rate.

Different types of chandeliers are available in the market of which are considered as the best. There are thousands styles of these types of lighting fixtures available in the market for you to choose from. The best part about a crystal chandelier is that you can fix it in any of the rooms of your home like living room, dining room or bedroom.

However, having an elegant looking in the living room is a great idea. This is a place for the visitors to stay when they are in a person’s house. So, it is usually this particular room where a person considers best putting a sparkling and elegant crystal chandelier.

Although any style of these can make the living room elegant and appealing but there are certain types of these lighting fixtures that can gives much effect to this specific room. They come in different sizes, types and design. You need to find one that looks best and suits on your room.

So, are you planning to buy these for your living room? You then need to consider few factors to ensure that the one you buy fits and suit your room the best. Here are 5 essential factors that you need to consider when buying these of your choice.

Consider the space of your living room when choosing the crystal chandelier. If the space is huge, go for a big crystal chandelier. If the space of the room where you are planning to install the crystal chandelier is small, go for a small piece because a large piece in small room makes the room look clustered crowded. So, it is a must to consider the size and space of the room when choosing this sophisticated piece of art.

It is also important for you to know the exact height of the living room where you wish to install the crystal chandelier. The chandelier must not exceed 30 inches above your head. Also ensure not to hang the chandelier too high for it may look dwarfed.

Another thing that you need to consider while choosing the crystal chandelier is that you need to go for a one which is about 20%-30% of the width of the living room.

Consider the design and style of the living room when choosing the right chandelier. You are sure to get one that will match the architectural style of the room.