Shabby Chic Grass Garden Design Ideas For Landscaping Your Garden 35
Shabby Chic Grass Garden Design Ideas For Landscaping Your Garden 35

38 Shabby Chic Grass Garden Design Ideas For Landscaping Your Garden

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Grasses are being welcomed more and more into the backyard.  My backyard is no different.  I have many varieties strategically placed throughout my garden and along the outside of my fence.  These three garden design tips are just the beginning of my exploring the wide world of ornamental grasses

Just a few pointers to help you along your way to ornamental grass heaven; make sure you dig a large (2 to 3 time the root ball) hole for planting.  Tease the roots prior to planting and place the root ball just above ground level.  Fill the hole with soil and firmly tamp it down.

When the clump gets too large or you notice the centre dying off, wait until spring time and dig it up.  Being very careful use a pair of garden forks to pry the root ball apart.  Immediately after splitting, re-plant each half following the above directions.

Finally, spring time is the best time to prune.  Each year I cut and remove all my grasses right down to the ground and each year, I’m never disappointed with what returns.

Number 1 is Hakonechola.  This zone 6 grass has leaf blades that are long and banded with bright yellow and slim green lines.  This grass variety is dense and mounded and responds best when placed in the shade.  For some reason, the Hakonechola is also a favorite of my yellow labrador!

Number 2 is Panicum or Switch Grass.  This very tall (4 ½ to 5 feet) variety has flat leaves that are green in the summer, yellow and red in the fall and beige by winter time.  This zone 5 grass needs moist soil and looks great between my balsam fir trees!

Number 3 is Molinia – Tall Moor Grass.  This is my tallest grass reaching 6 feet straight up with leaves up to 3 feet long.  This grass is very drought tolerant and rated for zone 4.  The seed heads on this beauty are best described as airy and stay in place from mid-summer though fall.  The plumes are golden yellow accented with a dark purple tint.

The reason I love working with Ornamental Grasses is because when winter comes, the grass may die but the stalks are still there.  They continue to add visual appeal even during the cold blustery winter months.  So if you can, I strongly advise adding (tall) grasses to your garden!