Popular Wine Cellar Ideas Under The Stairs 31
Popular Wine Cellar Ideas Under The Stairs 31

34 Popular Wine Cellar Ideas Under The Stairs

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Do you need help in choosing the right wine racks that would best fit your under the stair space and specific needs? With so many to choose from where should you start? Read the following tips which could help you in choosing the right wine rack system for your cellar.

Advantages of Custom Wine Racks

If you want to have your own wine collection, what better way to store your bottles than in custom wine racks? Wine racks play a very vital role in organizing and taking good care of your wines. There are functional and stylish options available no matter how big your space and what your design is. Custom racks add a decorative touch to your wine cellar, can be shaped according to your preference or personal style, can be tailored to fit the exact size of your cellar and will add value to your home.

Wine racks add an element of art to your wine cellar. A rack customized to blend with your wine cellar is cool. A popular option is the diamond-bin wood wine rack. It allows storage for odd-shaped and large format bottles. Another option to highlight your collection is a spiral tree wine rack which can be an art-inspired element inside your wine cellar. A waterfall rack display is a brilliant design to showcase your wines. It features individual storage slots in a cascading design, similar to a waterfall. A 6-inch horizontal display row will give you more storage space for your precious bottles and will maximize your limited space. If you are a cigar collector you may add a unique element to your wine rack like a cigar humidor.

Another great advantage of custom racks is that they can be tailored to fit easily in any space. They are based on the size, material, design and shape that the owner asks for. The problem with ready-made racks in the market is finding the right area where they fit. Custom racks on the other hand can be built right on the spot right where you want it to be placed and can be cut to fit the slanted ceiling like that of the space under your stairs.

Customized wine racks will add more value to your custom wine cellar and home because friends and guests love the uniqueness of customization. If you sell your home someday, a wine cellar with unique racks will increase its resale value.

Advantages of Semi-custom Wine Racks

Your choice of wine racks is a reflection of your personal style as well as your storage needs. You can create your wine cellar using a variety of semi-custom components available in Single Bottle storage racks with or without a Display Row, Curved Corner units, Arches, Tabletops, Tasting Tables, Diamond and X-Cube Bins, Bin/Case Racks, Champagne/Magnum Racks, Split Bottle storage, Waterfall Display, Quarter Round Display. These semi-custom racks are cheaper than custom racks and easier to assemble. The customer can choose what kind of rack he wants. Then he can choose the number of bottles he needs to store and pick the color and the material to be used. Semi-custom racks can be mixed and matched to create the size and type of storage rack system that you desire.

Semi-custom racks are those that can be stacked to form an elegant wine rack. Each section can be combined to create the type and size of racking system you desire. Styles like single bottle display rack, diamond bin design racks, and curved racks for corners can be mixed and matched to fit any storage space. You can even add an archway and tasting table into your racking design.

They also offer flexibility in height. Semi-custom racks are available in different heights such as 6ft., 7ft. and 8ft. which makes them easy to be placed in a small or large cellar.

Mahogany -Wood Species of Good Quality

Mahogany is a sought-after wood because of its beauty, hardness and evident durability. It is typically red, pink, or salmon-colored when first cut. As it matures, the hues deepen displaying a rich red or brown-red color variation. Its resistance to warping and decay due to dampness, makes it perfect for wine cellars.

The popular subspecies of Mahogany are Genuine mahogany, African mahogany and Malaysian mahogany. The most favorite of custom wine cellar enthusiasts is the Malaysian Mahogany because of its lasting durability and non-aromatic quality. Mahogany racks are ideal for stain and lacquer applications which results in an excellent finish. Other types of wood which are widely used when making a custom wine cellar are pine, redwood, alder, red oak, cherry, walnut, and ash.

Why do you think wooden racks are better than metal racks? Wood wine racks are becoming more popular in a wine cellar industry because of their cost-efficiency and sophistication. They are available in varieties that can easily blend with any home decor. They also provide more protection to your wines because of their durability. Metal racks are stylish but they are more prone to warping and bending which will make the bottles unsafe. In short, wooden racks can provide a longer and safer resting place for your wine collection than the metal racks.

Since wine is an important part of entertaining your family friends and guests, it’s now time to have a unique wine cellar of your own. Take into consideration the availability of your space, your personal style and the wine racks’ affordability, durability, functionality and design. You may choose custom wine racks or semi-custom wine racks. Both types have their own uses and advantages.