Stunning Wood Terrace Design Ideas For Summer 36
Stunning Wood Terrace Design Ideas For Summer 36

37 Stunning Wood Terrace Design Ideas For Summer

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When we are told by our guide the first time, I didn’t believe it at all. But in the morning we went to the village and heard more and more interesting things, I realized that it was actually true. If you take two chopsticks, you would be forced to stay the night there.

The village was an really attractive place. All the women have amazingly long hair, as they only cut their hair at the age of 18 years old. When it grew longer and longer, they tied it on their heads in different styles. We saw the ceremony of tying their hair, which was marvelous. They tie it in sophisticated huge buns on top of their heads beautifully with such a quick speed.

Wandering around the village is not an easy job, as we had to cross the shaky wood slat rope bridges I have never seen before! After that we went to the dragons’ backbone rice terraces, taking a local minibus up the meandering mountainsides. What a trill. Then another road with hairpin bends and sheer drops.

For I am a pessimist, I felt that I am pushing my luck somewhat; the amount of quite dodgy things I have done over the past year of traveling and come through unscathed is mounting up. The terrible rain just made the drive more difficult and adventurous.

We tried to see some of the views of the rice terraces, but the weather didn’t help. As we were standing so high up on the mountains, we felt to be right in the clouds. We all got wet, and I felt like I had jumped into a freezing cold swimming pool fully clothed! The rice terraces are stunning and Ping’An village is a lovely place.

The walk up the mountain was great, if a little hairy at times. The stone steps were getting more and more smooth and flooded as the day went on, and they were pretty narrow with drops of hundreds of feet down to the valley on one side. I am very glad we went though the mountain, in spite of the long minibus rides.