Catchy Transitional Laundry Room Ideas To Rock This Year 37
Catchy Transitional Laundry Room Ideas To Rock This Year 37

42 Catchy Transitional Laundry Room Ideas To Rock This Year

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Do you have a new dryer? Many people find themselves in a rut when it comes to installing this newly-acquired laundry appliance. But that is mainly because they have no idea what to do.

When you are installing, you should remember the following tips:

1. Make sure your laundry room is equipped with all the amenities needed to install a dryer. If you have a vented dryer, you should have a window where you can direct the exhaust vent. Many people also drill a hole on the wall to direct the exhaust vent.

Ventless dryers are arguably easier to install since they do not have to be vented outside the house. These machines have been incorporated with hot air-recycling functions so there is no need to dispel air outside.

2. Decide where you are going to place your dryer. If your laundry area is relatively spacious, you can just install it right alongside your washer. Many people prefer putting it in a cabinet. If you have a front load dryer, bending down to load and unload your garments can be taxing. You can use a high platform or a cabinet to elevate the machine.

When installing it in a cabinet, make sure the cabinet is well-built. There should be enough supporters for it so it will not fall off. The electrical outlet should be close to the cabinet so you can easily plug the machine and not have to use an extension cord.

3. Avoid using extension cords especially for dryers as they require a high source of energy. Using extension cords might cut the flow of energy and might prevent the machine from producing high heat.

4. Make sure you install the dryer in an area where you can easily do maintenance and cleaning procedures. There should be no obstructions when opening or closing the door. You should be able to reach the filter or the exhaust vent easily.

5. If it is a front loader, avoid using the top part of the machine as a storage space. Laundry dryers need enough room to breathe. It should not be cramped in a small space with other bulky appliances as well.

6. Get the manual of the machine and follow it closely. Make sure you remove the shipping bolts inside. These shipping bolts protect the machine during transit. You can remove them once they have been delivered. Don’t lose the manual of the machine just in case you will have to install it again in another place.