Charming Green Garden Ideas That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Heaven 32
Charming Green Garden Ideas That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Heaven 32

34 Charming Green Garden Ideas That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Heaven

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When it comes to green living, green gardening is the latest thing these days. A garden is usually the best place to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tending and nurturing plants is one way of relaxing and removing stress. A green garden also provides fruits, herbs and vegetables fit for your consumption. Here are some tips in building a green garden.

The first of them would be going natural. You have to forgo using chemicals and use natural compost on your garden. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables are healthy to eat. Second, using kitchen scraps for compost fertilizes the soil and provides plants with more nutrients for further growth.

Another tip for a green garden is using recycled materials and products. There are available green garden kits out there waiting for you to choose. Also, organic foods are costly so it is advisable for you to grow your own food. Knowing what members of the family love to eat is an advantage.

If you have limited space in your garden, you may look if there are available lots in your community you may use as a composting area for fertilizing your garden. Now, if you want to get rid of your lawn, how about filling it with native plants? It is easier to grow and maintain plants when they have adapted to where they are placed. These plants often use less fertilizer and are not susceptible to insects and pests.

Another thing about going green is using rainwater. Plants need adequate water supply for them to be healthy. Using rainwater in watering plants not only saves money on your water bill but also avoids erosion. Rainwater is basically natural and has no added chemicals such as chlorine. Use barrels to capture rainwater but be sure to cover it so that insects, birds or dirt won’t get into it. Another tip for your green garden is watering it carefully. During summer, adding a layer of mulch and compost helps keep the soil moist, thus, slowing down evaporation. Water your plants early in the morning, and place it directly on the plants’ roots.

If you hate bees, then think again. Bees help in the pollination process, just like butterflies. They help pollinate a wide array of flowering plants, so it is better to have a couple of bee-attracting plants in your garden. Then try looking for objects that may be used as plant containers. Some of these usable containers include old coffee cans, wooden barrels, and even old wheelbarrows. These containers would surely look good flowing with plants and would surely add to the picturesque view of your garden. All you have to do is place them strategically where they would look good in your garden.

That said, purchase materials for your garden that are organic such as organic seeds, organic garden soil, and organic pest and weed control. Using earthworms is not a crime, for it helps maintain ecological balance.