Below are some of the easiest and most budget-friendly ideas to make your outdoor compost bin.

Compost Bin Made Out of a Trash Can

If you don’t have an additional budget for a new compost bin, turning an old trash can into one is a practical idea. Make sure to put a lid on the trash can when using it as a compost bin.

Compost Bin Made From Scrap Wood

If you have scrap wood laying around your property, then turning it into a compost bin is a great idea. Moreover, a wooden compost bin is ideal for the outdoors given its sturdy and long-lasting nature. Moreover, it is also ideal to put a hinged covering on the bin to make it easy to put compost in.

Compost Bin Made Out of Unused Plastic Container

Using an old and unused plastic storage container is another cost-free way to make a compost bin. Make sure to drill a few holes on the sides of the bin to allow air inside it to circulate.


Making a compost bin doesn’t have to cost a lot. Be creative and make use of the materials you have laying around to make your DIY compost bin.


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