Contemporary Mid-Century Landscape Ideas

Modern mid-century homes offer an exquisite blend of outdoor and indoor living. Below are a few landscape ideas for contemporary mid-century homes.

Sustainable Eichler

Given that Northern California is often susceptible to dry seasons, Eichler homeowners have redesigned their landscape to combine several sustainable features and add a few natural elements. They also added many drought-resistant plants with colors like green and blue to stimulate a sense of simplicity and serenity.

Atrium Escape

Mid-century contemporary homes in the state of California are often designed to fit the Mediterranean weather. Atriums can be found at the center or the entrance of homes. An atrium offers an appealing look; it has a pond with a waterfall, shade-resistant plants, and a flagstone deck.

Oakland Eichler

An Eichler home in Oakland Hills, North California has been fully-restored by Beckner Contracting. They have restored the home’s signature carport and entrance atrium. They have also grown a wall-hugging plant called agapanthus and a few bamboo shoots at the entrance wall.


There you have it – those are some of the best landscape ideas for modern mid-century homes.

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