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These Cleaning Hacks Will Waste Your Time and Effort

While several cleaning hacks work wonders, there are also ones that are not worth trying out; below are a few examples.
Adding Salt to The Washing Machine
A lot of people put salt in their washer in the belief that it prevents clothes from dye-bleeding. This is wrong; the moment you buy your clothes from the store, there’s nothing you can do about dye-bleeding. Preventing fabric from dye-bleeding has to be done from the manufacturing process.
Sterilizing Sponges Through the Microwave
Although heat can indeed kill bacteria, it is not guaranteed that all bacteria can be eliminated by putting the sponge …

DIY Garage Organization Ideas For a Cleaner Home

A garage is probably one of the most neglected parts of a home. Below are a few things you can do to keep your carport neat and orderly.
Add A Few Shelves
One of the most effective ways to keep your garage clean and organized is to add a few storage shelves. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a generous amount for making a storage system as you can just make your own out of the materials you have in your garage.
Install a Pegboard to Hang Objects In
A pegboard is a great organization tool to have in your garage. It allows you to hang things in neatly without overstuffing it. It also allows you to …

3 Poor Cleaning Practices You Need to Get Rid Of

Keeping your house clean can be quite difficult especially if you have these bad habits.
Cleaning With Untidy Tools
Cleaning your house with filthy cleaning tools will not give you the best results. Your clothes are going to stink if your washer is unclean and has an unpleasant odor. On the other hand, if your vacuum cleaner’s filter has accumulated too much dust, it won’t be able to do any more sucking up.
Leaving The Sink With Dirty Dishes
This is probably one of the most common habits many homeowners are guilty about. However, it is important to remember that dirty dishes accumulate bacteria …