Best Ideas For White Bathroom Tile Designs 38
Best Ideas For White Bathroom Tile Designs 38

47 Best Ideas For White Bathroom Tile Designs

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It wasn’t so long ago that tile design ideas in the bathroom were quite simple and the bathroom regarded as one room that we didn’t particularly spend much time in.

Opinions have certainly changed and more of us are renovating our own homes and every room, including the bathroom are rooms we can make real design statements in.

The bathroom is a place for relaxing and we no longer opt for uniformed whites and crèmes but want to be more adventurous with different patterned and coloured Tiles.

Areas you can make a real design statement in are the bathroom backsplash and the shower area. Different colours can be used on the walls of the shower, with mixtures of darker and lighter shades.

Darker colours will naturally make a space look smaller and if your shower area is small, lighter colours always work best. Smaller and multi sized tiles can also be used in the shower area to give a lovely trendy, fashionable feel.

Experimenting with colours is all part of the fun when decorating a bathroom but you must also pay attention to the rest of the decor in the bathroom.

Colours on the countertops, floors and walls of the bathroom will all need to complement each other and too many different designs can clash and make a bathroom look too busy.

Backsplash areas are a good place to experiment with your designs and by keeping the rest of the bathroom neutral, the backsplash area can be decorated in a more complex design and be a real focal point.

A pebble Tile backsplash is a great way to bring nature into your bathroom; pebble tiles use natural looking stones, attached to a mesh to create a uniformed pebble appearance that can be used in backsplash areas for both the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Mosaics Tiles are also great for bathroom backsplash areas and they come in many different styles, colours and designs.