Totally Inspiring Home Office Wall Décor Ideas 36
Totally Inspiring Home Office Wall Décor Ideas 36

47 Totally Inspiring Home Office Wall Décor Ideas

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A room’s, house’s, or office’s interior wall is actually like a blank piece of canvas. Put some artwork on it, and you can add character and details to any place in the house.

There are many ideas on how to creatively decorate your walls. Here are some of them.

1. Pictures

This is a traditional but time-tested way of decorating. Simply hang framed photos on the wall. Photos can be anything-family members and loved ones, memorable places where you went, or themed and carefully composed pictures of a certain subject.

It is best if these pictures were blown up, or enlarged. It would probably be good if you keep the frame uniform; if you used a gold-leaf frame on a certain picture, all other pictures should use the same frame. Doing this effectively omits a look of chaos.

2. Paintings

This is another classical decoration. You can do either of two things: hang a large painting, or hang smaller multiple paintings. The two main criteria for selecting paintings are size and color. The painting should be too large that it will overwhelm the wall, nor to small to be lost in all other items.

Paintings should be hung in a way so that its center is at eye level. When choosing a painting for a large wall art décor, choose a bold color in your room or house and choose artwork that has that color in it. If you want muted colors, you may choose a black-and-white art with a light-colored mat or neutral colored frame.

Style should be consistent. For example, if your house or room is filled with antiques, the painting you choose may have antique-style frames.

3. Sculptures

Two-dimensional sculptures are also great for wall decors. Another idea is to surround a larger sculpture or painting with smaller ones. A good way of organizing such is to draw an imaginary rectangle and the part of the wall you want to focus on. Then fill that rectangle with a grouping of related art, in this case, sculptures.

4. Carpet and rugs

Beautifully designed carpets such as Persian rugs can be used as wall decors. Just make sure that it coincides with the theme of your room since these kinds of rugs usually have overwhelming designs. Please note that most Persian rugs are large and can dominate entire walls.

5. Unconventional materials

Do not limit yourself to paintings, photographs, and other classical art. You can use other materials. For example, an old wooden box can be repaired and hanged as a curio cabinet and a wall décor at the same time. Wooden blocks can be used as candle stands. A piece of weathered driftwood can be used to accent a wall. The possibilities are endless.

6. Wallpaper

Don’t forget this simple large wall art décor. Wallpapers can really define the atmosphere of a room. You can choose between plain colored ones for a simplistic design or a patterned one to establish a theme. There are endless styles available in home improvement shops

7. Lights

An artful display of lights is a contemporary wall décor art. Spotlights suspended on the ceiling project beams on the wall. Carefully arranged, the beams can form patterns, lines, and spots that are as effective as any painting. Spotlights can also be used to highlight particular pieces of artwork.