Modern Office Art Décor Ideas 39
Modern Office Art Décor Ideas 39

48 Modern Office Art Décor Ideas

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A picture frame should do more than simply protect the artwork within; it should also work together with the art piece to add to the beauty of your home.

Finding the right frame to display an art piece can be a daunting task, and this article will highlight some easy guidelines when it comes to picking a suitable frame.

Contrast the frame with the wall

If you have a very colorful wall – maybe one that’s covered with wall paper that has intricate patterns, choose a frame that is subtle in color that would contrast with the wall. Suitable choices would be white or pastel colored frames. Avoid choosing a frame that has strong colors as it would compete with the wall for attention, and thus pull attention away from the picture.

Use the frame to compliment the picture

Use the frame not just to protect but also to emphasize the picture and help to complete the story. Choose a frame that adds interest to the picture rather than something that simply matches with the surrounding décor. If the picture sits on a table or is hanging on top of a table, place ornaments like vases, decorative candle holders and pots to add interest to the display and compliment the artwork. You don’t have to use conventional looking frames. Be bold – find something unique. You could even use a frame that’s entirely transparent to house the picture, or even one that made of bamboo for example.

Use the frame to pull attention to the picture

If you want to bring focused attention to the artwork, you could use a dark frame with a wide dark mat. This makes the picture more vibrant and stands out and also helps to draw the eyes of the viewer to the artwork. Using black for both the frame and mat will make the art work seem like a bright colorful light at the end of a long dark tunnel, screaming at you for attention.

Blend the frame with the surroundings

Blend a picture’s frame with the surroundings. If you have medium brown parquet flooring in your home, choose a dark wood frame for the picture. If you have a modern home or office environment, use a silver metallic frame. Choosing frames that compliment with the surroundings will prevent it from looking out of place and sticking out like a sore thumb.