Stunning Home Decor That Blends Tradition And Trends 21
Stunning Home Decor That Blends Tradition And Trends 21

48 Stunning Home Decor That Blends Tradition And Trends

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Early American furniture makers drew heavily from the designs of the English and French to create stunning styles such as Chippendale, Queen Anne, Sheraton, French Country, Louis Philippe, and Victorian just to name a few. Through the years American artisans have created many beautiful styles resulting in the enduring appeal of the simple clean lines of Shaker furniture, Mission style with its equally beautiful simple structure and many others.

American traditional furniture has developed into a uniquely American style with timeless, casual, yet elegant appeal.

No matter what your preference in the traditional types of furniture, there are many ways to blend great pieces together for your own unique traditional room design. Melding your design together with unique traditional pieces will immediately create an atmosphere with a tasteful, welcoming feeling.

Choose Quality Wood Furniture

Fine quality woods used to construct beautiful living room furniture in the traditional style include cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, pine, and walnut. The rich natural hues and grains of these woods result in stunning furniture that only becomes more beautiful with age.

In the traditional design you’ll find lovely prints and soft textured upholstery to add to the beauty and comfort of each piece. With the traditional design, you’ll have a room that invites everyone to sit and enjoy the comfortable haven you’ve created.

Select Various Textiles

Adding accessories that work with the traditional furniture designs will also enhance the ambiance you’re looking for. Soft and cushy sofas and love seats accessorized with pillows of beautiful textiles, rolled arms and slipcovers made from eye-catching floral patterns in subdued colors will also enhance the warm, inviting traditional look. Add a Queen Anne side table with a lovely Victorian lamp and area rugs to complement your d├ęcor for additional warmth.

Modern Traditional Design

A current trend today is the combination of modern pieces with traditional pieces and has been dubbed Modern Traditional by some designers. This style is a wonderful way to use great traditional pieces and blend them into a more modern design. You can create a thoroughly unique design all your own with this approach. A few tips to help you create this look might include:


  • Look for a unifying idea that will tie your design together – maybe a particular color, a fabric you can use on all upholstered pieces both old and new.
  • If you have rustic pieces, try to balance with a more streamlined piece – something with clean, straight lines.
  • One designer suggests taking a picture of your room to get a better perspective of how your design really looks.
  • When you’re mixing styles of furniture, be sure to spread them around your room for balance. Don’t put all modern together and all older pieces together. Mix them up.
  • Be sure the older pieces you use are worthy of the attention they will receive in this type of setting.


Evaluate your space and decide whether you need to emphasize the modern or the traditional. If your space is more modern, add the older pieces; if your space is more traditional, add the modern for the dramatic effect.