Lovely Red Christmas Decor Ideas 48
Lovely Red Christmas Decor Ideas 48

48 Lovely Red Christmas Decor Ideas

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Are you afraid of using too much red in your home décor? Never fear! There are many shades of red as well as a variety of ways to incorporate it into your home decorating ideas without it becoming

We are in the process of choosing window coverings for the great room in our home (dining room, family room and kitchen). The predominant colors in the room are dark blue (some cobalt), dark gold and ecru with light beige walls. What could be used for an accent color? Red, of course!

That is the focus for this decorating article–how to use red as an interior decorating idea.

Let’s get started!

Red seems to be a popular accent go-to color when you want to make a statement in a room. It draws attention to items in a room and can add passion
as well as pizzazz to a room while demanding attention. It can call up emotions from rage to love while at the same time giving a feeling of warmth.

The whole idea of using red accents is to entice and intrigue without being over powering. You will not only find reds in fabric but also in stain in wood products. You might also find high gloss red as well as red metallic finishes.

Red can be used in small or large amounts in accent pieces, carpets, upholstery fabric and in window treatments. Instead of painting a room red, paint just one wall as your accent wall, which will
invigorate the room as well as give it a feeling of warmth. Floral arrangements with a touch of red along with pillows, vases and throws can all be used to tie the room together.

The red in our great room will be incorporated in the following ways:

* Window coverings – neutral background tapestry-looking floral with brick red, navy and green accents

* Large picture on dining room wall with gold frame and blue, red and ecru accents

* Upholstered side chair with brick red slip cover decorated with fringe and tassels

* Centerpiece and runner on table – coordinating fabric and décor

The follow-up to this article will focus on the finished product and provide ideas for incorporating red in various decorating styles.

Don’t forget red as the color for the Christmas/holiday season. There is an abundance of Christmas decorating ideas using various shades of red.