Stylish Christmas Diy Picture Frame Ideas 49
Stylish Christmas Diy Picture Frame Ideas 49

49 Stylish Christmas Diy Picture Frame Ideas

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This article is all about framing things in the home, and covers a lot of concepts discuss on my blog, a link for this blog can be found in my bio at the end of the article so be sure to check it out. There are so many different things that look good in a frame and so many things that get collected and then put in a drawer/ cupboard that could actually be on the wall making you smile.

Clearly there are loads more ideas out there for frame inspiration- however I only have so many walls/ shelves/ radiator cabinets to display them all!

If you have a stamp collection then this could make an amazing looking display on your wall – it was something that was a long time coming for me and required patience but the finished picture was worth all the effort! The stamps came from my childhood stamp collection and are mounted on accurately measured foam pads.

My dad has recently taken up drawing in his retirement and has produced a lot of nice looking pictures, but these are simply collecting dust in a pad. My husband had been admiring my dad’s sketches and drawings when we went to visit in the summer and this framed picture of the family home was one of his presents for Christmas.

A lovely surprise and perfect for the mantelpiece and it really looks great with a frame around it. Try it yourself with a family drawing, maybe one of your kids art pieces would look great framed?

We all love getting cards on our birthday, but a few days later what can you do with them. Yes, a lot may be a bit samey and probably end up in the recycling, but sometimes there are some pretty interesting pictures and patterns on these birthday cards. A bit of arty creativity and these cards can become great pictures when put inside a nice frame.

I have done this with a few of the best designed birthday cards I got this year, and they look great hung in my hallway Another similar play on this is to use postcards and also magazine images. I have framed a few of these and they definitely look great.

My particular favourite is a postcard of Prague and a orchid drawing that came from a natural history magazine. All things that would otherwise have ended up in a box somewhere or being recycled can now add to your home décor.

Any map looks pretty cool as a piece of frames art on the wall, and it will always be a discussion point and something to gaze at when you walk past it. I particularly love vintage maps which show how cities and towns looked a hundred years ago or so. The one I have in my dining room is a frames map of Hull (where we live) from around 1900.

I could stare at maps of places I know for hours, especially old ones. Knowing which places have always been around and which are new, finding out what was there before fulfils a deep curiosity in the past and my present surroundings. I would definitely recommend buying some old maps to study and display.