Classy Contemporary Wood Glass Ideas For Home 02
Classy Contemporary Wood Glass Ideas For Home 02

37 Classy Contemporary Wood Glass Ideas For Home

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Frosted glass closet doors are a great addition to your home. They add beauty as well as a contemporary look with their clean lines and sleek design. Most of these are thin measuring in dimensions of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick. This means they are thinner than the normal closet door. Buying sliding frosted doors requires less room than the normal swing variety and can allow you full access to the closet doorway. Sliding doors ride on a track and the dimensions must be precise when measuring, otherwise your track will be either too long or too short.

Bifold doors are also space saving. They too can be purchased with frosted glass but the most common kind are wood. There are exceptions to this with metal or polymer and wood fibers. Most of the polymer ones are made from recycled wood making them eco-friendly as well. Bypass doors pass one in front of the other and ride on a wide track. Frosted glass closet doors of the bypass design are framed in wood with tempered glass panes. The tempered glass makes them less likely to break or crack with sudden temperature changes. They are generally framed in wood and their prices are cheaper than other styles such as the French style which features up to twelve panes of glass.

Some of the modern styles of frosted glass closet doors have pictures on the glass. This is especially true with single panel glass. Many of these must be special ordered from local retailers. You should check with your local retailers to see what is readily available in your area. These closet doors give a modern look to almost any room in your home.

Many of the framed frosted glass closet doors use recycled wood. Some of the French doors use the same type of recycled wood which makes them less expensive and make them hold up longer. The French doors give a contemporary look to your home’s decor while being stylish at the same time. The panes in French frosted glass closet doors are generally made of wood although some are false frames. This means the glass is a solid sheet of glass and only has strips of wood or metal to make it appear as though the panes are framed.

Local retailers may be able to help you with choosing the perfect style of glass doors for your needs. Whether you need bypass, bifold, swinging or sliding doors, your local home and building supply store can help. Make sure you know your doorway’s dimensions, where it is going to be used and keep your budget limit in mind when shopping. If you have any questions about that to look for, you can always contact a general contractor and get advice from them as well as leave the decisions up to them. Then if it isn’t what you want, blame the contractor!