Casual Hallways Decor Ideas 06
Casual Hallways Decor Ideas 06

36 Casual Hallways Decor Ideas

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We all have some sort of hallways in our homes. While some people have left their hallways just the way they are, others have made some effort to make their hallways look like a part of their homes. Leaving your hallways empty and bare is unattractive. Hallways should be an extension of the home. Spice up this area with these simple hallway ideas.

The easiest thing to hallway decorating would be to add a rug. Hallways can benefit much from a simple runner rug. When getting a runner rug, get something smaller than your hallway depth and length. This is to make sure that your hallway frames the rug. Hallway rugs are not meant to be used as carpets.

Their job is to highlight not overwhelm your hallway. For these runner rugs you can get any imaginable style, design and color that you want. You can get a geometrical patterned rug, bold stripes, oriental rugs or even Persian rugs.

The next simple idea is to hang mirrors on one of your walls along the hallway. Mirrors are great as they reflect light and can make any space look bigger. The choice is up to your creativity. For one, you can get a large mirror that runs the length of the hallway.

Or you could even have smaller mirrors hung in a pleasant arrangement of your choice. And remember, not everything has to be square or round. Your home decor stores will have plenty of other great choices. Mirrors create an instant great ambience for your hallway.

The other way to dress up your hallway is also fairly easy. You can add photographs to your wall. Print your favorite family photos in black and white and then frame them in square black frames. These will lend a certain art-gallery look to your hallway. If black and white is too somber, color is fine too.

Another alternative is to frame and hang your children’s favorite artwork. Do these in colorful wooden frames. This will give your children a sense of pride too, knowing that they had helped in decorating the home. And your hallway will look fantastic.

These are just three easy ideas that you can immediately use to decorate your hallway at home. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and get creative. You will soon find more ways to dress up your hallways.