Charming Bedroom Décor Ideas For Baby Girl 12
Charming Bedroom Décor Ideas For Baby Girl 12

34 Charming Bedroom Décor Ideas For Baby Girl

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A bug theme nursery is a cute for a baby boy or girl. It also will work well in a room that will be shared with the baby and an older sibling since it can be gender neutral. Bug themed baby nurseries can feature all kinds of bugs from ladybugs and dragonflies to butterflies and bumble bees. Bugs are cute and endearing making them a sweet choice for your baby’s new room.

When creating a bug theme nursery, you may want to begin by deciding which bug or bugs you would like to incorporate into the room’s theme. Once you have determined this, it will be easier to choose the baby nursery bedding set you would like to use. The bedding is always a good place to start when decorating the baby nursery since much of the room’s décor will revolve around the it.

After you have picked out a bug bedding set, it will be easy to make key decisions such as what to do with the walls. Simply painting them with a shade or two that compliments the nursery bedding is the easiest alternative. You could also see if the bedding set offers a matching bug theme wall border or wallpaper that could be used on the wall. A third option would to be to create a bug themed mural on one or more of the nursery’s walls. You could do this by painting bugs all over the wall (perhaps in a garden scene) or by buying bug themed wall decals and applying them to the walls.

Finally, you may want to find bug themed décor such as art work, wall hangings, lamps, and rugs to finishing decorating the room. For inexpensive art work, go out and take photographs of bugs around your neighborhood. Once you develop the photos, mat and frame them. Small bug stuffed animals could be hung from the ceiling using clear fishing line to give the illusion of bugs flying around the room. If you want to give your furniture a bug theme, paint bugs on the furniture pieces using stencils or find bug decals to apply to them.

A bug nursery theme can definitely create a cute space for your baby’s first bedroom and if done right, the room’s décor can easily carry into their toddler and preschool years giving you a lot of bang for your decorating buck!