Amazing Home Stairs Design Ideas With Aquarium 23
Amazing Home Stairs Design Ideas With Aquarium 23

30 Amazing Home Stairs Design Ideas With Aquarium

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Ferrets are very curious, but not very cautious — which can be a dangerous combination. To keep them safe and sound when you’re not around, you should invest in a ferret cage. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for a ferret home.

Don’t Buy A Hamster Cage

Buy a cage specifically designed for ferrets. A hamster, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, lizard or any other type of cage will not do. And an aquarium is definitely out of the question because ferrets require a well–ventilated cage with bars.

Make sure that your ferret cage has large doors that can be fastened securely. Large doors make clean–ups easier and locking doors help to prevent escapes.

Easy Clean Ups

You need to choose a cage that will be easy to clean. In addition to having large doors; make sure that any floors, stairs, pans, dishes, and tunnels are easy to access and remove for cleaning. Many cages have wheels, which really come in handy when you want to move the whole cage into the bathroom or outside for a thorough scrubbing.

Clean your water and food dishes every day. Scoop out the litter pans once or twice a day. And thoroughly clean their entire cage (including all contents), once a week. Only use ferret–safe cleaning products and rinse everything well.

Space Requirements

The cage will have plenty of room for a litter pan (or two if you have more than one ferret) and separate feeding and sleeping areas. There should also be room for toys, hiding places and hanging hammocks.

If you have more than one ferret, then you’ll probably need a multi–story ferret condo. These ferret cages have two to four levels that are connected with stairs and/or tunnels. This will provide your ferrets with plenty of room to sleep, play, and even get away from each other when the need arises.

Floors and Ladders

Many ferret cages contain floors and/or ladders that are constructed of metal wire which can be damaging to their feet. You can get around this problem by placing linoleum and fabric on the floors of the cage and attaching fabric to the ladders.


You can get a nice single story ferret cage for around $90 and a large, multi–story condo for around $300. You’ll usually find a much larger selection of cages online than at the neighborhood pet shop (especially if you live in a small town). And the prices are usually better too.