Best Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas For This Year 09
Best Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas For This Year 09

38 Best Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas For This Year

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Living a minimalist life has different concepts to many people. If I may ask does it mean that you have to lack something in order to live minimally? Minimalism begins in the mind; it is about owning manageable items. However, it goes past than just ‘items’. It goes beyond health, wealth and even relationships.

A car is only meant to carry people to different destinations, but having 5 cars in the parking lot means just the same thing. Having one car may not only save fuel, but also provide a quick decision that you can still use it the next day. But having 5 cars in your parking lot makes your mind to clutter. You can’t instantly decide which car that you are going to use. Furthermore, the vehicles would still continue to depreciate as far as they continue to remain at the parking lot.

Why don’t you just buy a descent car and save yourself from all these complications. It is not about enjoying life because you are able to, but it is about how you are loading your life with too much complication. Complications cause you to have stress but living minimalist is stress free.

Why People Strive Towards Being Minimalist

It is unfortunate that many people strive towards being minimalist, when they actually don’t know what a minimalist life really entails. For some minimalist living means living in a desolate state, and yet for others it means luxurious living.

My friend has told me a couple of times that he intends to have additional tableware to fill his empty cupboard. His main concern is not about using the additional tableware, but rather filling up the cupboard. He being a tidy person, he does not understand how his room gets untidy every time besides cleaning it on a regular basis. Recently he has discovered that he has so much stuff in his room that needs decluttering, but he has made no efforts to do that yet.

It doesn’t matter whether you are tidy or not. All you need to do is to have less stuff that you are able to use. Furthermore, I am not saying that becoming a minimalist one has to spend less money, all I am saying is that you can still spend more and buy less stuff of high quality that will last long.

Other than having a lot of stuff, many people lack contentment. Wanting to get quick success won’t guarantee the much needed happiness; rather it will continue to make your life even more difficult. Minimalist living involves having enough for that period as long as the basic needs are met. Many people find it hard to be content possibly because they usually compete with other people. Don’t sacrifice your sweet life to those material possessions that everyone out there is chasing.